Committed to eco-friendly quality products


Our Mission

With the knowledge that literally everything is connected, it is our responsibility to be aware of the impact that our choices make. With this in mind we use integrity, love and compassion in every step of creating our products.

Sustainable Textiles

The process begins with only what materials we can find that fit our values. By choosing to only use sustainable fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo, linen and lenzig modal and supporting organic farming practices we are contributing in our small way to lowering carbon emissions, and prioritising water and air cleanliness.

Ethical Manufacturing

We provide a dignified and safe work environment and have absolutely no tolerance for racism, sexism or any other type of inequality. We do not exploit, overwork, abuse, harass, or discriminate against anyone. We provide fair and equal pay, giving our teams the resources they need to develop, thrive, and effectively invest in their communities - lifting people out of poverty and into a mindset of fulfilling ambitions. We also provide education so that individuals may advance, and if they should choose to seek employment elsewhere will move on with greater skills than when they joined us.

Waste Management

We strive towards zero waste, and though we are not quite there yet we have made great strides in reducing. All textile waste is recycled via donation to a small family business that creates homewares such as floor mats using fabric off cuts. The rest is used as cleaning rags. In sending our goods to you we use the minimal amount of packaging that we can. We don’t use poly bags for our goods, just the envelope required for sending. Our jewelry goes in a reusable box. We are not perfect but we are always assessing how we can improve in every area.


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