Zig Zag Pendant

$68.00 USD

Elegant geometric pendant cast in brass using the lost wax process.

The design is borrowed from op art patterns with a bohemian flavor.
  • Treated with an oxide to give it an antiqued look, over time will oxidize even more with your skin. If you prefer the brass to be shiny simply wipe it with brasso and a dry cloth.
  • The pendant weighs 8 grams and it comes on a 72 cm chain which lands the pendant over the heart.
  • The length of the pendant is 5 cm and is 2 cm wide.

This item is in stock and ready to ship.

You will receive this item in a gorgeous branded box made from post consumer waste recycled paper and post waste banana fiber.

If you have any questions please send us an e-mail using the contact button at the bottom of the page and I will return to you within 24 hours.

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