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Sale price$149.00 USD

Materials: solid 925 sterling silver, blue apatite

Finish: high polishing

Weight: 10 g

Highly polished metal and a rough gemstone collide and blend, forming this ring inspired by the archetype of anima - the soul. It relates to our inner life, not as something that exists beyond our physical being, but rather as the inner force that animates us.

The ANIMA is a solid, blobby ring with an innovative approach to stone setting, featuring a mesmerizing blue apatite emerging from the metal. The gemstone used to embellish this creation has been hand-selected one by one and is left untouched, meaning it is not cut or polished.

Carrying blue apatite is believed to help explore new possibilities, promote creativity, and increase motivation, ambition, and self-confidence.

As the ring is entirely handmade, following its unique gemstone, and since every gemstone is uneven, irregular, and comes in different shapes, no two ANIMA Rings are the same. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, making it special.