Honeycomb Pendant Brass with 64 cm Chain

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Honeycomb Wasp Nest Pendant Brass with 64 cm Chain

Bold pendant made by hand using the lost wax process.

I found a wasp nest in my garage and was astounded at the beauty and complexity of the geometry and the mystical power of the wasp as a totem animal.

This listing is for a single pendant which weighs 63 grams on a hand made 64 cm chain.

The brass is finished with an oxide treatment which gives it an antiqued look. If you prefer the brass to be more shiny simply polish with brasso and a dry cloth.

The dimensions of the pendant is 3,5 cm wide by 4,5 cm long.

All items are made to order, by hand and then shipped by registered air mail.

Shipping can take up to 3 weeks and making your piece can take around a week.

If you would like your order for a special event please contact us to arrange faster shipping to meet your deadline.

Shipped in a cloth gift bag.

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