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Article: The Capsule Wardrobe: Ethical Minimalist Movement

The Capsule Wardrobe:  Ethical Minimalist Movement | eleven44

The Capsule Wardrobe: Ethical Minimalist Movement

As a conscious shopper I’m sure that by now you’ve come across plenty of articles that feature the term: capsule wardrobe. Somewhere on your journey towards living a more sustainable life, you have thought about what impact the items in your closet have on the environment and the world. This is when you’ve discovered that there is an alternative eco-friendly solution to owning and wearing your clothes. Owning a capsule wardrobe contributes to the growing trend of the ethical minimalist movement, which is to say that we are becoming more selective of the things that belong in our daily lives.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe

Essentially, essentials. A capsule wardrobe means building a versatile staples - interchangeable pieces - basic building blocks - that you can multi-task with to create an efficient and long lasting wardrobe that never goes out of style.

What’s in a capsule wardrobe?

Think about the items in your wardrobe that are your favourites - the pieces you wear again and again - you basically already have a capsule wardrobe!  You may just be caught in the trap of thinking that you need more clothes - for work and going out - but in reality, you already have the items you need. You just may not always be able to find them because you have too many clothes in your closet!

The First Step to creating a capsule wardrobe is to go through ALL your clothes (channel Marie Kondo) and liberate yourself from anything you have never worn, that no longer fits you, or that you have not used for the last 12 months. Donate that shit.

I know what you are thinking… how can I be stylish if I’m basically wearing the same ten pieces? Well that’s where accessories come in. Create your unique flavor with scarves, jewelry and little touches of your signature details. OR enjoy how much easier your life has become by not having to waste time every day making decisions on what to wear.

Build your wardrobe on items that 

  1. FIT YOU PERFECTLY…. That look good on your body type
  2. Are made from quality, natural textiles that are durable and last a long time
  3. Are made well and will have longevity
  4. Are in neutral colors so you can mix and match everything 
  5. You will wear many times - end the habit of buying clothes that you will only wear once
  6. Are timeless classics and not fad based trends that will only be cool for a season

The capsule wardrobe is not here to limit you stylistically - but it actually assists you in becoming more creative, versatile, and focused on the things that truly matter in your life, all while you are dressed in the most you you could be.

It is also about being more aware of the impact that your consumer choices have on the wider system of people and nature. Fast, cheap fashion has a high cost. Cheap for you means that someone else is being taken advantage of. It’s time to end this cycle and one way is with our consumer choices. Buy fair trade, sustainable and ethical. Stop the addiction of buying cheap clothing because for the people who make those clothes, the cost is high.

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