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The intention is to provide carefully produced items designed for practicality with a long life for the thoughtful and aware consumer.  We want to make the things that are your instant favorites - clothing that you reach for every day because it fits perfectly, is uber comfortable and was made with integrity.  All that, without any compromise.   Not interested in fashion trends - it is not about trying to make you want new pieces for your wardrobe constantly, rather we seek to provide you with classic, timeless cuts, with a focus on fit and comfort, that last a long time and are the building blocks for your minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Uncompromising essentials.


Through what we do and the products we create we aim to raise the consciousness of consumers to help shift the awareness that consumerism is often an unconscious action to fulfill an emotional need or to get a dopamine hit. My desire is to hopefully help shift that and give individuals the power to realize that they can manage their emotional state in a much better way. Clothing choices ought to be more practical than that and not a form of therapy.

Empowerment can also come through the realization that how we spend is a loud message to the social, corporate and political spheres and that by choosing in alignment with a growing awareness that the impact humans have is massive. This can help mitigate the stress, pressure and guilt of the global environmental issues by making informed choices by speaking with our money.  Recognise the consumer's power to affect change.

Personal style should come from one’s personality shining through, not from acquiring the latest fashion trend. Our clothing items are deliberately minimalistic and not trend driven so that you can find longevity in your wardrobe and escape the cycle of continuous shopping.

Quality of life, a general sense of contentment on a daily basis based on a sense of feeling good from within - putting one's focus on their own value and their own gifts, finding that from an authentic place.  It is not gained by shopping or acquiring more stuff.

By sharing more about our business from behind the scenes and being open about our values, our mission and our practices we hope to help you feel more connected to the process and to feel more part of a whole system of loving care that brought these items to life that can now become a part of your daily routines as well.


We highly value small scale, cottage industry, fair trade production and we choose to work with small family run businesses.  Our team is paid well above minimum wage and works in a very comfortable and safe environment.

We only work with textiles that meet our criteria as outlined above.

A timeless, classic, minimalist and adaptable design aesthetic with an urban edge is the basis of our design approach.

We strive for comfort and fit, and spend a lot of time perfecting and testing new designs before we release them to the market. 

We create true cost pieces that are accessible and built to last.

We strive to minimize waste at every point in the process and are committed to slow and sustainable business.

Hopefully through this project we can help to educate through our actions and commitments.

We aim for progress over perfection as perfection does not exist and we make no claims of it in the space we occupy.  Small steps add up over time and if many individuals make small changes, over time we will see a tipping point.  You cannot expect overnight success with environmental issues, we can only continue to do better every day.

We encourage you to take  time to make intentional decisions aligned with your true values, including when it comes to what you wear.  Consider only purchasing items that you will use at least 10x or more. Will the item be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Think of it as an investment and only purchase items that you see yourself using again and again.

Comfort is very very important to me! Creating pieces that look stylish and sharp is a priority as well, but I want you to feel completely at ease and cozy, as if you are wearing your pajamas in public and nobody knows.  It’s our in little in - joke 🙂

Versatility is also highly valued. I like to create pieces that I know you can use across various different tasks in your day - from yoga or gym, to appointments and events, as well as formal occasions just as easily as lounging. It's all possible of course.