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eleven44 was created out of a desire to address the big issues we face today around the everyday things we use, how they are manufactured, with what resources and the waste left behind.

What began as a fun up-cycling project repurposing discarded textiles in the very early 2000's became a dedicated brand devoted to quality, timeless basics made using eco textiles, manufactured carefully in small quantities by hand in partnership with small family run businesses in Bali.

The idea is to invest a little more in pieces that will last a long time, and in doing so consume less.  It might seem strange to you that we want to talk you out of buying more… but that’s real!

We need to stop wearing conventional cotton as much as we need to stop eating GMO foods.  It’s bad for everyone and everything.  Please use your consumer dollar to make a difference.  

eleven44 creates high quality items that are destined to become your go to pieces that you cannot live without.  Made with integrity, care and love.  

Our jewelry production is handled by a small team and everything is made in small batches in limited quantities.  Slow manufacturing, fair trade, ethical, handmade, eco goods.

The intention is to provide carefully produced items designed for practicality with a long life for the mindful and aware consumer.  We want to make the things that are your instant favorites - clothing that you reach for every day because it fits perfectly, is incredibly comfortable and was made with integrity.  All that, without any compromise.  

Uncompromising essentials.

Nature, sacred geometry, music, mathematics, repeating pattern, mysticism and the quantum physics provide a constant source of inspiration and are the thread that unites the jewelry, clothing, home decor and accessories collections.  

Founded in 2008 by Linda Morkos in Bali - we choose to work with small family manufacturers and produce slow fashion, traded fairly with individuals we know and care about.