Mens Black Romper

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This is my favorite new design for this collection! I made it for my trip to Berlin and it became my rave uniform. Its a one piece oversized romper with zipper closing side pockets, low crotch, simple rounded neckline and generous armholes for extra comfort. 

I made it from luxuriously soft bamboo baby terry with lycra - it feels like you are wearing the bed.

The side pockets have zippers so all your important stuff stays safe and you can go out with out a bag for hands free dancing.

The low crotch cut has a zipper in it so you can easily use the bathroom without having to take the romper off. Easy access!

Seriously, you won't want to ever wear anything else again.

I have made it in 3 generously oversized cuts. See the size chart on the last thumbnail.

As you can see it is gender neutral so you can all have one :)


SMALL 28-30 inch waist (66 - 71 cm) and 36-38 inch hip (91 - 96 cm)

MEDIUM 32-34 inch waist (71 - 76 cm) and 38-40 inch hip (96 - 101 cm)

LARGE 34-36 inch waist (76 - 81 cm) and 40-42 inch hip (101 - 106 cm)

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