People We Meet - Chanelle and Damien from @thecurrentplace

By being a part of the slow fashion, minimalist, conscious consumer community we often meet amazing folks that are making an impact on the world. Artists and makers or all ilks - from photographers, musicians, artisans, farmers & local business owners, our encounters with individuals that share similar values is certainly a form of inspiration for us to continue designing and creating our clothing and jewelry sustainably and ethically. So to honour our growing community, we're introducing a monthly series called People We Meet - which will feature stories of the people we meet along the way that we vibe with. 

This week, we're sharing the journey of the amazing duo from The Current Place (@thecurrentplace) Chanelle Taylor and Damien Nikora who are currently travelling across New Zealand and documenting stories on their Youtube channel about people who are living a sustainable lifestyle or running ethical businesses.

Introducing the People We Meet - Damien & Chanelle from The Current Place

Starting his career as a photographer, Damien has worked with big fast fashion brands like Zara and Victoria's Secret and more until one day he watched the documentary The True Cost - which opened his eyes to how unethical fast-fashion brands were treating their workers as well as the repercussions their production had on the planet.

Having watched this film with Chanelle (who is a fashion model herself), they both realised they needed to do their part of raising awareness by choosing to work with brands that had produced their products more ethically and sustainably. Ultimately, they'd like to show people why they need to shop more consciously and educate them on how they can do this whilst expressing their individual style.

Chanelle Taylor modelling for eleven44

We sent them a series of questions to have them share with us their thoughts and they were amazing enough to send over a video! Have a look to learn what they have to say about shopping consciously and the best ways to create your own capsule wardrobe.


Shop the look:
Damien wearing Men's Black Coverall
Chanelle wearing Black Cage Bodysuit Organic Cotton Lycra
Chanelle wearing Black Low Crotch Pants Organic Cotton Lycra
Chanelle wearing Black Romper Bamboo Lycra

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