Beetle Pendant Chain Brass

$88.00 USD
Beetle Pendant on handmade Brass with 72 cm Chain. The perfect boyfriend gift.

I found a beetle that was dying in my living room. It stung me and it was really unexpectedly painful! I didn't know that these beetles stung.

Astounded at the beauty and complexity of the geometry and the mystical power of the beetle as a totem animal.

The symbolic meaning of a beetle:
  • Persistence in times of trouble
  • Intelligence
  • The strength to carry on through hard times
  • Using your own strength to your advantage
  • Order out of chaos and teamwork
This listing is for a single pendant which weighs 39 grams on a handmade 72 cm chain.

This item is in stock and ready to ship.

You will receive this item in a gorgeous branded box made from post consumer waste recycled paper and post waste banana fiber.

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