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Button Down Tunic Black Hemp

Sale price$228.00 USD

Currently the only non-stretch garment in the collection!

Made from quality hemp and organic cotton blend.

Can be the perfect look for a formal event and equally relevant for a casual party.

Extra long at the back - looks great as a dress.

This is a gender neutral garment.

Available in 3 easy fit sizes.

The length from the shoulder to the shortest hem is:
Small - 81 cm.
Medium - 83 cm.
Large - 85 cm.

The length from shoulder to the longest hem is:
Small - 101 cm.
Medium - 103 cm.
Large - 105 cm.

The width is:
Small - 59 cm.
Medium - 62 cm.
Large - 65 cm.

The sleeve length is:
Small - 65 cm.
Medium - 66 cm.
Large - 67 cm.

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