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Etched Bangles Brass

Sale price$58.00 USD

Stunning and unique brass bangles with geometric patterns etched into a wide surface area.

Made in pairs for a statement look - wear one on each wrist, or 2 together.

This listing is for 1 bangle. Select 2 from the quantity dropdown menu to purchase a pair.

Made by hand - the patterns are designed in illustrator, then rendered on the surface using a traditional method called acid etching.

The patterns were originally styled from art deco objects, but inevitably these geometric shapes become universal and relatable by all.

The price is for a pair of bangles.

The sizing variations listed are for the bracelet diameter.

65 mm (fits most women)

  • statement, boho jewelry
  • gender neutral

You will receive this item in a gorgeous branded box made from post consumer waste recycled paper and post waste banana fiber.