Fan Septum Silver

$54.00 USD

This septum ring is one of our largest designs as far as wearable length goes. There's 10 mm of negative space on the inside of the jewelry so this piece is suited for those with a very high piercing or bigger facial features.

    • It has a minimal geometric pattern inspired by art deco. It is sterling silver 925.
    • The wearable length (the space between the ring and the post) is 10 mm.
    • The wire is 1 mm.

      Our septum jewelry clicker is specially designed to make it very easy for you to change your jewelry with out needing to visit your local piercer. So whether you change your jewelry often or just once, it's simply a convenience to be able to do it yourself. The clicker system is secure and won't open unless you pull it open.

      For custom wire gauge, please contact us.

      Please note - the way this jewelry will look on you may be quite different than how it looks on our model. It depends entirely on how high or low your piercing position is. Please use the size chart carefully and have your local piercer (or a friend) help you measure the height of your piercing so you can choose jewelry that fits you the way you want it to. Carefully check the measurements listed in the images as all sales of body jewelry are final due to hygiene laws and cannot be returned for refund or exchange.

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      All our septum jewelry comes in a cloth gift pouch made from certified organic cotton.

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